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Martin Davis

Manager / Company

 I didn't realize how much easier my life could have been if I had connected with my advisor months ago. It took me so many hours to try and find potential programs I qualified for and my advisor did it in 15 minutes! Thanks for saving me time!  

Patricia Watson

Marketing / Company

 I am so thankful that I found RC Doc Prep to help me. I had no idea what my options were or if I even qualified for any programs. My advisor helped me lower my payments and find a way to keep me on track with every payment. Thank you

Mary Mitchell


" I've been paying off my student loans on a teacher's salary. I was falling behind on payments until I found RC Doc Prep and they helped me get back on track. My advisor informed me about an awesome program designed to help government employees pay off their loans and I had absolutely no idea! Thank you again! 

Peter Miller

Manager / Company

"- Before I found RC Doc Prep. I was very behind on my payments because of my low income and the fact that I had a family to feed. I didn't have the money to put towards them. I felt like I was drowning in loan debt. So, I sought out this company and found a fantastic advisor. I couldn't be more grateful for his advice, as I am now a part of multiple programs that are helping me make my payments every month.""